Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To #1--Handle Emergencies

We all know that our animals have a way of waiting until late at night, a Saturday afternoon, or a major holiday to get seems to be an unfortunate fact of life.  We are proud to offer full-service, after-hours care for our regular clients.  One of our veterinarians is always on call to assist you, please do not hesitate to call us with those after-hours questions or concerns.  Please call our regular office number (575-524-2894--do not text or email)--for after-hours calls our answering service will take your message and page the on-call doctor who should contact you within 10-15 minutes.  Please make sure that the answering service has your full name, basic information about the problem, and most importantly, the correct phone number for our doctor to return your call.  If the doctor does not return your call within 10-15 minutes, please call and ask to have them paged again, it is very important to us to ensure that your needs are met.  There are additional fees for after-hours visits, but once the doctor has spoken with you, they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of what your starting costs may be.

Just like our clients, we both love and hate emergency work.  No one likes having to make a late night visit, but it is important and comforting that one of your regular doctors, someone who knows you and your pet, and has full access to your medical records is there to take care of you.  Some emergency visits are sad, others are exciting or terribly rewarding (like delivering puppies!), but our staff is there to assist you through both the good and bad times.  We are happy to offer full-service care for all of our patients.

We hope not to see you (at least after-hours!)--but regular clients, be sure to call us if you need us!